[GN] Game Networking: Intro

This article is rather an index page for the other articles of this series and tries to tell a bit of a story. So expect it to grow from time to time.

Low Level (Game) Networking

The first few articles are covering the really low-level aspects like send and receive performance, before we can gradually work our way up the stack to the more abstract topics.


The first topic to cover, is how much traffic we can produce, or rather how many packets per second we can send. Knowing this we can easily test the much more important metrics like receiving or parsing messages without having to be afraid that in reality the sending part is the bottleneck. Link to the article


Since we know how fastw e can send messages, the next step is to test how fast we can receive them. First messages sent are to localhost and dropped by the kernel to tune the software locally. Then real hardware is used: Two machines I had lying around, a disappointing experience with the cloud and some fun with a few 10 Gbit/s NICs on Epyc servers. Link to the article